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Knob Stopper Custom Kit ($29.99)

Build your own custom Knob Stopper with this do-it-yourself kit. Learn more.

Knob Stopper Custom Kit

Original Knob Stopper ($24.99) + FREE Locking Safety Brackets

Designed with magnetic feet to hold it in place. Add locking safety brackets for more security. Learn more.

Includes two safety brackets with 3M VHB tape for easy application. Safety brackets only work with the original Knob Stopper model that has the magnetic feet.

New Standard/Original Knob Stopper

Knob Stopper S1 ($29.99)

This convenient version adheres to your stove with VHB tape and you simply flip the bar up to turn your knobs. Learn more.

Knob Stopper S1

Knob Stopper for Samsung Stoves ($44.99)

This version of the knob stopper is custom made to fit Samsung Stoves. Learn more.

4 Knob Version

6 Knob Version

Knob Stopper CG3 (Call for price)

This is our top-of-the-line commercial grade version made completely of stainless steel hardware. Learn more.

Call/email for price - (812) 287-8061 or sales@theknobstopper.com

Knob Stopper CG3

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Visit our special order page and fill out the form or call/email at (812) 287-8061 or sales@theknobstopper.com

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