The Knob Stopper -Stove Safety Starts Here- ("Patent Pending") is a safety product for gas and electric stoves*, which prevents the knobs from turning accidentally and reaffirms they are in the off and locked position. It will also give you added reassurance that your stove is off when you are not around. You'll never have to second-guess whether the knobs are in the off position or worry about pets and children accidentally turning them on.

*The Knob Stopper fits a max width of 22 inches between the two outermost knobs on the stove (custom sizing available, please call). The "knob stopping" brackets are adjustable depending on the location and the number of knobs on your stove.

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Knob Stopper - Gas Stove Safety Device

Important: This version will secure to your stove right out of the box with it's attached magnetic feet. There is an optional safety bracket included in the box that will give you a more secure hold on the stove using either heat resistant tape or screws. This is ideal for kids and/or pets. If you have any questions please call (812) 287-8061.

Locking Safety Bracket

The Locking Safety Bracket is now available for the original Knob Stopper. Easy application with 3M VHB tape. $4.99/pair, shipping is free. If you would like to order with the original Knob Stopper there will be shipping costs applied.

Locking Safety Bracket Knob Stopper - Locking Safety Bracket
3M VHB tape application
Knob Stopper - Locking Safety Bracket
*The locking safety brackets are only for the original/standard Knob Stopper. Cannot be used with the Knob Stopper S1.

Video Demonstration